General Thoughts 1

The other night (Monday) I spent a large amount of time on my Edmodo adding additional resources for my students, inputing our weekly class schedule and dialoguing with my students, and connecting with other educators on Edmodo through the communities I joined.  I can already see a change in the way my students are starting to function and it made me excited. Some of them are really taking advantage of the extra communication and help. Once I have my class set up the way I have envisioned, I plan on creating several another group for the other biology  classes to use as a resource and reinforcement of the day’s lesson in their biology class.  I am also considering, creating a group for next year’s Pre-AP Biology students to use so they can complete a summer assignment and their parents can have access to general EOC materials to better understand the test that their son or daughter must pass in order to graduate.  There are so many things that I am coming across as I take this journey to creating a blended classroom. As I come across some great ideas on the Edmodo forum, I will pass them along.

I told my students that I have activated my blog and they immediately asked did we have one for class. I was shocked. They were eager and excited which makes me happy. As I complete certain portions of the pilot program, I will make progress posts, pics, resources, and even videos.

Bye for now!


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