School Technology Pilot Goals

I was recently selected to participate in our district’s technology pilot. I am so excited about being able to do some out of the box teaching using up to date technology. My main goal for this pilot is to integrate technology that my students already use on a daily basis to increase student learning and keep them excited about learning. It will allow the students to personalize their learning experience and as teacher I will be able to differentiate and individualize student learning. One of the most exciting and probably most challenging parts is getting the students to become active online by

  • dialoguing about educational topics learned in class
  • creating digital projects
  • submitting classwork online
  • completing lessons
  • and realize that learning can be fun

When implementing the use of technology in the class, you must include acceptable use policies and procedures have the students and parents sign them so they know what to expect. I currently use Edmodo with my students and I outlined the following AUP:

  1. All posts MUST be school appropriate. Do not post anything that you wouldn’t want your parents to see and embarrass them.
  2. Keep all interactions positive. If you witness any negative interactions, please report them to me immediately.
  3. If I find any inappropriate posts or etc., I will screenshot them and send them to the principal and your parents. You will then be removed from the Edmodo group for the remainder of the course.

My AUP for our class iPads will be similar(check my other posts for my Device AUP)

We will most likely use our iPads almost daily. I want them to completely immerse themselves in it as well as continue with the traditional instructional methods.

We as educators have to bridge the gap between us and our digitally native students. Everyday we give them expectations to meet only using the strategies that WE are comfortable with using.  Well, I think it’s time we step outside of our comfort zone and truly meet the needs and expectations of our students. I believe that our students truly want to learn, we just have to meet them where they are academically and what interests them.  I truly believe  that if we tap into how they communicate with one another daily, we can increase student achievement and get them excited about learning.  However, WE have to be open to change and realize that the students of today may not be receptive to learning the way we did. Matter of fact, our way of learning has changed as well. So naturally, the way we teach should as well.

What do you think?


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    Heidi said,

    Great! I like your ideas. I especially appreciate the statement that “we have to be open to change.” A lot of times we think that if it worked for us, it is fine, forgetting that there may be something different. I also like the screenshot idea for when there are inappropriate posts. That is a great idea.

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