25 Tips for Teaching with iPads by Teach Thought

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iPad Lesson: Conversions

The conversions lesson was an extra mini lesson I threw in so my students could practice doing conversions and so they could use the new apps that I found that they could use when they go into Chemistry next year. The conversion app I found was called Convert Free and the second app was called CalMadeEasy.

Convert Free will convert any unit of measurement known and not commonly known. It will also give you the formula as well.  The CalMadeEasy is a scientific calculator that has a notepad that shows the work (in handwritten font) of the calculations you just typed in.

Oh yeah………THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE!! Check them out.

image (14)    image (13)     image (15)    image (16)    image (17)

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iPad Lesson: Periodic Table

Another great app I used with my students was the periodic table app for our lesson over the periodic table created by Simple N Easy.  This app was not set up like the others made by Simple N Easy, so I had to create an answer sheet and other materials to go along with the app for the lesson. Sometimes, you will have to create some materials to go along with the lesson or you might be able to use what you have already to go along with the material. What my students loved was that it was very interactive and easy to use.

image (8)    image          image (1)     image (2)   image (3)    image (4)   image (5)


image (6)  Again, you may have to create some handouts or additional assessments for this iPad lesson.


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iPad Lesson: Intro to Chemistry

Another iPad lesson I found pretty useful was the Intro to Chemistry Lesson that I did with my Biology students. The app was created by Simple N Easy Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry.  This app is set up the same way as the Simple N Easy Biology app.  Again, you can add to lesson by creating additional digital formative assessment pieces and etc.

The lesson went well. There were parts where teacher instruction is necessary. Check out the pictures below.

image (11) image (12) image (9) image (10) image (7) image (8)

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iPad Lesson: Biological Classification

For our iPad lesson #2, we used the simple n easy app for biological classification.  The Simple N Easy Apps are wonderful in how they are designed.

image (1)image (2) image (4) image (3) image (6) image (5)

This particular app is designed for use in a blended or flipped classroom. At the end of each test, the results can be emailed to the teacher as long as an email account is set up on the device.  This lesson went pretty well. I will definitely extend the lesson next year to include some type of digital formative assessment.

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The Last!!

As I look back on my experiences with the technology pilot, there are so many things that I wish I could have done differently or had more time for. However, I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in the technology grant. There are so many things that I plan to implement from day one.  For example, we just adopted new books for Biology and there are a lot of online resources for our new book. I absolutely can’t wait to implement the use of all the online resources.  I am happy that my students realize that their phones and tablets can be used for more than just games and texting. I hope next year I have an opportunity to skype with my students and create numerous digital projects and etc. Any technology training that you can get about using different platforms, apps, etc, do it if you can.

If you’re just starting out with in class technology, make sure you give your students precise classroom use expectations from day one and if there are specific apps that you want your students to use, make sure you have enough time to teach them how to use the apps efficiently so they can complete the task.  Also, find out what social apps the students use regularly and tap into it. For example, the students love to use twitter and snap chat. I just created one for my class and I can’t wait to start using it for quick class discussions and for out of class formative assessment pieces.  The last thing I suggest, is to find a platform that best suits you and your students’ needs. Make sure that it’s user friendly and easily accessible such as Edmodo, Canvas, and etc.

Check back throughout the summer, I will be posting useful tools as they become available.  The summer time is when I do all of my technology surfing.

Have a great summer!   Feel free to comment and ask questions if needed.

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Learning Networks

When starting out, it’s a good idea to find a learning network to become a part of so you can collaborate with other teachers. The learning network I currently use the one from Edmodo.

Here’s the link: Discover an educator community on Edmodo. (https://angletonisd.edmodo.com/home)



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